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Quality Assurance Process for SPAship


To have a Quality assurance process in place for testing the SPAship Manager and SPAShip Orchestrator


  • To have an automation testing framework setup for testing the SPAship Manager and SPAship Operator functionalities.
  • To have a process documentation of manual testing

Tools & Technologies Used#

  • IDE- Visual Studio Code
  • UI Testing Framework- Cypress
  • Postman - For API Testing
  • Gitlab- For maintaining the test code and used as the CI platform
  • Newman- CLI version of Postman useful for integrating Postman with Gitlab


  • For Cypress- We are using mochawesome reports
  • For Newman- HTML-extra reporting template(Open Source) is used

Installation Procedure#

  1. Cypress Tests#

    UI tests for SPAship using Cypress




Initialize the package.json (This step should be executed only when setting up the project for the first time)

  • Run npm init

Go through the series of questions that are asked and package.json will be created

  • Install cypress using npm

npm install cypress --save-dev

  • In the package.json, in scripts object:
"test:e2e": "cypress run",
"test:e2e:browser": "cypress open
  • Setup Environment variables and other authentication related info
export CYPRESS_ENV=<envname>
export CYPRESS_USERNAME=<username>
export CYPRESS_PASSWORD=<password>

Execute tests:#

  • For headless:
npm run test:e2e or
npx cypress run
  • For headed interactive:
npm run test:e2e:browser or
npx cypress open

Execute single test:#

npx cypress run --spec=<testfilename.js>


  • Reporting config needs to be done in cypress.json file
  • Click here for more details on reporting
  1. Postman#

  • Download Postman from Postman
  • Navigate to testing gitlab repo TestRepo
  • Download the SPAship_API_Final_Collection.postman_collection.json and import it in Postman

Notification of Test Completion#

  • An email is triggered when the reports are generated containing the links to the url where the report is present
  • An excel file is maintained containing the email addresses of the stakeholders to whom report has to be emailed

Bots in place#

A google chatbot has been configured that triggers notification whenever any push is made to the QA repository and upon change in the status of Pipeline configured

Manual Testing Process#

  • Developer is supposed to move the issues to on QA in Jira
  • Weekly once QA-dev sync up call to let the QA know what all tickets are planned for testing
  • After the QA has completed testing, he/she would be moving it to the next stage as per workflow and giving a comment
  • QA should be mentioning issues/bugs if found in testing in comments

Application URLs to be Used by QA#

Supporting Documents and URLs#