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Spaship vs Other CD tools

Comparsion between some of the most popular SPA deployment platforms in the market VS. SPAship : ๐Ÿ‘‡

OverviewDrupal is the open-source CMS (Content Management system) that easily publish manage and organize a wide variety of contents on a website. Website can be built on top of drupal.Is a cloud platform (PaaS) that lets companies build, deliver, monitor, and scale apps. The fastest way to go from idea to URL, bypassing all those infrastructure headaches.Static web publishing for front end developersZeit Now is a cloud platform for static sites and serverless functions.What "serverless" really means is that as a developer you don't have to think about those servers. You just focus on code.
FrontendYes (React.js)YesWell developed/designed Frontend and backend.No FrontendsNo FrontendsNo Frontends
OS SupportMac, Linux and WindowsMac, Linux and WindowsMac, Linux and WindowsMac, Linux and WindowsMac, Linux and Windows
Command-line supportYesYes Drupal ConsoleYesYesYes now-cliYes CLI
CI/CD SupportJenkins(CI)/Openshift(CD) GitLabSupported ex. GitLab CIYes (Heroku CI)NoNo
DeploymentDeploy apps through CLI Deploy apps via Web Interface Deploy with DrupalDeployment with GitDeployment with Git Deployment with Docker Deployment integrations with GitHub, Hashicorp Terraform, and WAR deployment.Deploy with Git hooks Deploy with Grunt Deploy with GulpDeploy with React Framework Support Next.js, Create React App, Vue.js, Gatsby, Angular, Polymer etc.Deploy to AWS & Azure, Google Cloud Platform OpenWhisk, Kubeless, Cloudflare
Monitoring SupportMonitor apps and alert owners/stakeholdersNagios Drupal pluginbuilt-in monitoring of throughout response times, memory, cpu, load and errorsNoNoYes
Akamai SupportYesNoNoNoNo
Application ScalingYesYesYesYesYesYes
Openshift Deployment SupportYesNoNoNoNo
Routing & NamespaceYesNoNoNoNoNo
Patternfly 4 supportYesNoNoNoNoNo
Other features- Multi platform integration - deployment - Notifications & Reports - View Status of the application - application monitoring- Force HTTP to HTTPS redirect - Custom redirectsserve as serverless function.plugins examples