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Sayak Sarkar

Sayak Sarkar

Senior Software Engineer @ Red Hat

Hello World!

Welcome to the SPAship Blog! This blog would serve as the primary announcement platform for all upcoming updates to SPAship. For those who don't have much idea about what SPAship is, here's a short overview of it:

SPAship is an open source platform for deploying, integrating, and managing single-page apps (SPAs). It's most powerful features include:

  1. Bootstrap: Quickly bootstrap new SPAs using SPAship's simple yet effective Command Line Interface.
  2. Injection: Easily inject common components into SPAs using SPAship's inbuilt Server Side Injection.
  3. Routing & Namespace: Simple & clean route management for your SPAs without the hassle of manual DNS configuration.

To dive into further details about SPAship and how to use it, checkout the docs section for th complete user guide.